What is 'Mind' ?

The mind is a picture of life. Mind is vibration. Mind is force and energy. Mind is the creative force. Mind is the soul. It has a color, sound and density. Nothing is more powerful than the mind so it is not wrong if there is a statement that you are what you think.

Every aspect of life was also raised by the mind. the thought is noble, despicable, low, noble, good and evil. All the success and failure is the result of our thoughts.

Everything you like is the mind. Everything you hate is the mind. Everything you feel is the mind. Emotions raised by the mind. Everything you see is mind materialized. Everything you hear is the sound wave consisting of the mind. To create something, you should start by looking in your mind. The mind is always there first. The action is a direct result of the mind.

You can obtain your desires if you control your thoughts. To learn how to do this, people need to understand that the mind produces a double effect that is vibration and shape.

Vibration is a wave of feeling that comes from the mind of the thinker. The thrill of it reveals the character of a thought. For example, the mind can be kind, loving, generous or angry. A vibration is also known as a thought wave.

While the form of the mind is a spiritual picture in mind. For example if we think about an apple, the mind form a picture of an apple. If we think of a friend or lover, the mind form a picture of that person.

Note: this article is not fully product of my own mind, it comes from various books I read.